Zenetex LLC

Team Member Name: Zenetex LLC
SeaPort-e Prime Contract: N00178-10-D-6407
Address: 950 Herndon Parkway, Ste 350

Herndon, VA 20170

Web Site: www.zenetex.com
CAGE Code: 1TQ37
DUNS: 125368121
EPOC Name: Jeffrey McDermott
EPOC E-mail: jeffmcdermott@zenetex.com
EPOC Phone Number: 240-577-0773
Alternate EPOC Name: James McDermott
Alternate EPOC E-mail: jmcdermott@zenetex.com
Alternate EPOC Phone Number: 703-657-0377
Business Size: Small
Business Type: n/a
Technical Capability: Established in 1999, Zenetex is a registered small business specializing in Information Technology Service Management (ITIL/ISO/IEC 20000, CobiT and CMMi) consulting, training, infrastructure management, tools support, and network engineering services for the Federal Government. Zenetex is focused on a mission of building our business based on core principles of integrity, expertise, teamwork and unsurpassed IT service quality. We offer a complete line of IT enterprise solutions, including our renowned IT Service Management and Zenetex University, as well as Program Management, Logistics, Engineering, Training and Card Credential services. Zenetex has eight (8) years of practical experience assessing, implementing, and managing IT processes and systems using ISO 9000, ITILĀ© and ISO/IEC 20000 processes and standards within large, complex, global, classified and unclassified IT environments. We pride ourselves on the establishment of a successful track record of effectively leveraging service management best practices to increase operational efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and improve end user satisfaction.
Functional Areas: 2. Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support

6. Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

10. Configuration Management (CM) Support

12. Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA) and Information Technology (IT) Support

14. Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

15. Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support

16. Acquisition Logistics Support

17. Supply and Provisioning Support

18. Training Support

20. Program Support

Past Performance: N00024-08-R-3459, Zenetex personnel provided technical support services to the F/A-18 Training Integrated Product Teams (IPT) through all phases of naval aviation training system acquisition including research, design, development, and engineering; procurement; test and evaluation; training facilities and equipment; repair and modification; and in-service engineering and logistics support. Zenetex personnel provided the required levels of experience and qualifications in program/project administration; integral and technical financial, acquisition, configuration; production, budgeting, requirements, technical, systems engineering, logistics, and administrative support to PMA-205. Zenetex personnel utilized the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (NERP) in the performance of this SOW.

N00024-08-R-3459, Conducted an analysis of alternatives for developing full flight simulators to meet initial operating capabilities for training student naval aviators which included the development of an integrated master schedule using MS Project 2007 software, a hands-on analysis of vendor proposed simulation products and capabilities, and the development of validated cost estimates for the drafting of POM 12 issue sheets. Relying on extensive modeling and simulation acquisition and test and evaluation experience, we developed alternative courses of action for the procurement of and test and evaluation of training systems products to meet fleet requirements (cost, performance, and schedule).

N00421-10-C-0027, Provide services to the US Navy Spanish F/A 18 (EF-18) Program and F/A-18 IPT EF-18 and Spanish F/A-18 air vehicle, subsystems, armament, engine, airborne weapons, spares, and Support Equipment (SE). For Pre-FMS Case ILS Planning, provide Spanish EF-18 IPT pre-case requirements analysis for prospective programs. Make recommendations for life cycle planning alternatives, and courses of action to satisfy program objectives.

Company Address in Zone 2, National Capital: 950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 350

Herndon, VA 20170-5538

Company Address in Zone 3, Mid Atlantic: One Columbus Center, Suite 802

Virginia Beach, VA 23462