Team Member Name: B3GLOBALCON LLC
SeaPort-e Prime Contract: N00178-10-D-5912
Address: 14303 West Shore Court

Midlothian, VA 23112-6228

Web Site: www.b3globalcon.com
CAGE Code: 4MS67
DUNS: 790431501
EPOC Name: Kevin Beam
EPOC E-mail: kevin.beam@b3globalcon.com
EPOC Phone Number: 804-519-9808
Business Size: Small
Business Type: Veteran-Owned

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Technical Capability: B3GLOBALCON LLC (B3G) has extensive experience providing consulting, engineering, and logistics services; and project management for the Federal Government, the U.S. DoD, and the military services coupled with commercial industry. A critical part of our management philosophy is ensuring our organizational structure, resources, and support capabilities are always properly aligned to efficiently respond to current, future, and changing requirements. B3GLOBALCON strongly emphasizes quality customer support; proactive program management techniques, process improvements, program oversight, organizational assessments, proposed developmental, implementation efforts and short/long term resolutions of problems.
Functional Areas: 1. R&D Support

2. Engineering Support

3. Modeling

4. Prototyping

5. System Des Doc/Tech Data

Past Performance: N00421-09-D-0005, Under the Naval Air Systems Research and Engineering Group (AIR-4.0) at FRC-East in North Carolina provide In-Service Support Team’s Structural Engineering Support for the CH-53E and MH-53 CNS/ATM (Communication Navigation Surveillance Air Traffic Management) upgrade. Design includes, but not limited to, a Multi-Function Display Cockpit Dash, IFF and TACAN Antenna integration, modification of existing airframe structure and new mount/rack designs. Ensure the correct integration of the structural components into the airframe. Ensuring that the structural drawings correctly reflect each structural modifications and its proper airframe location. Review and edit all the structural drawings, both manufacturing and installation.

Provide Structural Analysis Support for CNS/ATM upgrade. Support includes extensive use of ProEngineer Wildfire and ProMechanica. Primary responsibility is to assure that the ProEngineer models are properly updated when a design change is implemented.

MH-53E CNS/ATM prototype development design and integration. Responsibilities include planning for system conceptualization, system level requirements definition and system test and evaluation. Capture design changes as a result of the CH-53E prototype installation and pre-production testing and evaluation by ensuring that the technical data fully captures all of the required design modifications.

Review and edit all the structural drawings associated with the CNS/ATM upgrade. The drawing package is composed of manufacturing, assembly and installation drawings. Ensure all applicable drawing updates are incorporated in the given deadlines. Responsible for the Installation Data Package – removal and installation instructions required to properly install the CNS/ATM upgrade. Involved in the structural portion of the Technical Directive and Technical Manual Source Data.

Company Address in Zone 3, Mid Atlantic: PO Box 1268

Havelock, NC 28532-9431